As we all know, security is the key point of every business. Organizations employ all the best practices, preventing a data breach and financial fraud. Provide ultimate protection, keeping funds and personal information safe and sound.

A quick boost of the financial industry around the world led to an increased demand for regulations especially in fighting financial crimes. It means that even a program implemented in platforms should minimize the risk of fraud.

Therefore, Anti-money laundering AML and KYC compliance are prevalent in the industry. But why are they so vital, and what are the differences? Let’s dig in.

What is the AML, and why does it matter?


Forex trading is difficult for beginners. It’s associated with high risk of losing money. Therefore, so that the account balance does not start approaching zero, novice traders need to master risk management, which is the foundation of asset trading. Moreover, the rules will be different for long term positions and day trading.

Trading without a strategy is like playing in a casino

Traders’ success will depend on how well they master money management in Forex markets. In order to generate income for a long time, traders need to develop a long term strategy that yields a stable positive result.

Often, beginners start trading without any strategy, which is why they…

MetaTrader trading platforms are very popular and are considered one of the best programs on the market. They provide traders with access to a wide range of financial instruments both in the Forex and stock markets, offer a large number of indicators, order types, time frames and allow users to create and test strategies using easy to learn programming languages: MQL4 and MQL5. The MetaTrader programs are specifically designed to make instruments such as futures and CFDs available and easy to use, even for beginners.

MT4 and MT5 have similar features, but support different types of financial instruments for exchange…

All financial brokers and traders want to perform like investing professionals and create impressive portfolios. There are many ways to achieve this result, and one of the most popular strategies is to use copy trading.

Trading is usually associated with a high risk of losing money. As it follows from its name, copy trading is a simple reflection of the positions of the other traders in the market. This method allows users to build a part of their own portfolio the same way as other successful professionals, for example, when they open a new trade, you can also open it…

Obtaining a Forex broker license is an important step for any Forex broker. Licensing activities oblige Forex firms to comply with the legislative requirements and respect the code of conduct, which increases the credibility of the firm and improves its reputation with the business community.

A Forex broker license has additional benefits, such as an easy process of opening bank accounts and good communication with trading platforms’ providers.

The starting point in obtaining a Forex broker license

If you have decided to obtain a forex broker license, first, you should decide on which markets you will conduct your business. …


Rooting out financial misdemeanor and laundering operations is crucial for ensuring transparent and legitimate trading and exchange of assets.

For forex platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other financial trading and collaboration services, setting up comprehensive security features and safeguards to prevent scams, fraud, and money laundering is critical.

There are many software solutions available across the market that utilize AI and machine learning backends paired with human intervention to filter, review, and classify transactions, in an effort to detect and discriminate malicious activities.

This article looks at the benefits of deploying AML software to your forex or crypto exchange platform and…

For Forex companies, as for any successful business, the client is the absolute top priority.

Meanwhile, a CRM is, first of all, an automated system for effective customer relationship management.

Accordingly, the correct choice of CRM is essential for any Forex company.

The main objectives of Forex companies in 2020 are the ability to retain traders and provide quality services. The specifics of this business suggest that in order to successfully approach this task, you need to use a CRM, designed specifically for working with the Forex market.

Today there are many companies that offer CRM systems for Forex related…

What is Forex?

Forex is the technical slang used for Foreign Exchange. It is also referred to as Currency trading or FX. Essentially, it is the global market where one can trade various currencies.

Among all the markets, it is the most fluid, having the largest trading volumes, ranging close to about $5 trillion per day. To look at it from a closer perspective, its magnitude is even more than all the stock markets of the world combined.

Although it may sound quite complicated, we are still doing different sorts of Forex trades in our daily lives, unknowingly. For instance, when you move…

NinjaTrader VS Thinkorswim


Trading financial assets such as futures, options, forex, and other derivative financial assets can be a lucrative income source for savvy investors. However, you don’t need extensive knowledge about the stock market to begin online trading, as there are various methods of generating income from trading securities.

If you’re looking to get started in futures trading, you can choose a wide range of trading platforms. Due to the overwhelming number of available options, it can be challenging to identify the platform that is best suited to your needs.

We have selected two of the leading securities trading platforms on the…

Forex brokerage services have come a long way in the last few years and have introduced a wide range of asset classes as well as financial instruments to facilitate their clients. There are a variety of financial instruments available on forex broker platforms that investors can choose to buy or sell according to their investment objectives and personal preferences.

Popular Financial Instruments

  • Contract for Difference (CFDs) — It is a financial contract that pays out the price difference between the opening and closing trades. They enable investors to trade on the movement of securities in the very short-term. …

Finarm is a comprehensive financial platform that is accessed by thousands of crypto and Forex brokers all over the world

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