Forex world currency market — a brief review

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a system of foreign economic relations between banks of all countries and smaller players participating through banks. The Forex market is constantly buying/selling currencies, securities, precious metals, and other resources, which makes it an important part of the global economy.

Forex doesn’t have a center nor…

There are hundreds of brokers around the world that provide access to trading in the forex market. Brokers offer their clients terms and conditions that can vary significantly: some offer lower commissions for buying and selling assets and depositing and withdrawing funds, while others offer a wide range of trading…

Not every trader thinks about the implementation of recommendations when trading. Many people pay more attention to such important things as:

  • Trading strategy;
  • Leverage and other conditions.

Once the trade is completed, the trader will only be interested in one thing — whether the trade was profitable.

Investment brokers can be called a classic intermediary regulating the financial relationship between the two parties — a person and financial industry regulatory authority. In financial advisors’ work, especially financial brokers, the active parties are legal entities and individuals. The broker or the BC takes a certain commission for the…

If you’re interested in learning how you, too, can create your very own cryptocurrency, you are the right source!
Apart from the most popular names in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. there are probably thousands of different types of digital currencies you can buy and trade online. And you’d…

What you need to know about plugins for MetaTrader

The first thing traders who decide to try out automated trading should learn there are no perfect plugins. The network is overflowing with the righteous anger of newcomers who installed the plugin in the terminal and blindly entrusted it and invested their entire deposit.

In short, “laundering money” is a fraudulent activity to make illegally obtained money look legitimate. Fraudsters create the appearance of official income with the help of documentation, other organizations, and banks. But other ways that should be considered.

Unlike cashing out, “laundering” is associated with illegal income-generating activities. In this…

Finarm is a comprehensive financial platform that is accessed by thousands of crypto and Forex brokers all over the world

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